Bob, Pat and Lee Jenkins Owner, Operators

Jenkins Music and Vending is a family owned and operated business since 1969. We cover a large range of territory, Northern Utah through Central Wyoming. Our specialty? The entire coin machine industry. Servicing locations; bowling centers, movie theaters, mom and pop restaurants, truck stops and taverns.

We provide a staff of friendly and fully competent employees. Our company supplies an answering service 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We've also installed an 800 number for our customer's convenience. We hope you come to use our web site for information and help should you need any. We've done every thing to insure that you have a great relationship with Jenkin's Music. Pat, Lee, and Bob are brothers. Lee is a past president of WAMO(Wyoming Amusement and Music Operators Association, where they all are current board members. Lee has also been a board member for the AMOA Amusement and Music Operators of America Association. Jenkins Music is an active member of WAMO, VNEA, BCA, NDA and AMOA. Currently sanctioning over 600 dart players to the NDA and over 600 pool players to the VNEA. We are highly active with dart and pool leagues.

We believe leagues are a great support to a tavern business and that games are a part of entertainment for the future. Jenkins Music is a small town company and sponsor several local organization; Cowboys Against Cancer, United Way, MDA, American Legion Baseball and all Little League Baseball.

All of us at Jenkins Music and Vending look forward to serving you and your company. Let's make it today!